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MG TD Restoration

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Restoring a '1953 MG TD 2

Place your mouse over the image to see the transformation by Peter Janetzki of JH Classic Restortions, step by step.

If you know this car or have any information about it, please contact me.

Click to Follow the Restoration

As it Was

Click to Enlarge

It's all there, partially disassembled. Body Number: TD 28439

Click to Enlarge

A fairly straight car with suprisingly little rust

Click to Enlarge

Very original. Build date: 11th June 1953 (as per MG Archives)

Click to Enlarge

No accident damage, but the engine cross-member has been removed to accommodate a different engine / gearbox (possibly for racing)

Click to Enlarge

Only some minor surface rust. Basic framework is still solid even on the smaller items.

Click to Enlarge

The body and engine numbers match: it's a '53 TD 2 built on the 11th June 1953.

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Engine number: XPAG / TD 2 / 28921. The engine was reconditioned but it's been stripped & checked again

Click to Enlarge

The gearbox is original and had been reconditioned

Click to Enlarge

A Work in Process

Click to View

The car was chemically stripped. Panels straightened, rust spots removed and guards reinforced

Click to View

A new Battery Box made to fit

Click to View

The fuel tank stripped, the interior of the tank coated and a new side panel about to be welded in place

Click to view

A new hand-made Interior Guard

Click to View

Fitting the new new interior Guard

A Work in Process

Click to View

Putting the panels back together to ensure a perfect fit

Click to View

Test-fitting the new "made to order" English Ash frame imported from the UK.

Click to view

The frame would be removed after the test-fitting and repainted in epoxy once the final adjustments are made

Click to View

Chassis painted and matched to body

Click to View

The finish on the inside is the same as the outide

A Work in Process

Click to View

A deep, wet finish straight of the gun

Click to View

The finish on the inside is the same as the outide

Click to view

The engine rebuilt and balanced

Click to View

It's now taking shape

Click to View

Original Hydraulic Dampeners rebuilt and the suspension fitted.

A Work in Process

Click to view

Original Brakes rebuilt and fitted

The new Walnut dash fitted

Windcreen supports re-chromed and fitted

Radiator re-cored and fitted

Test-Fitting the interior.

Peter Janetzki of JH Classic Restorations...........What's next on the total control of the restoration of my TD.

72 Spoke Wire Wheels with Whitewalls

72 Spoke Wire Wheels with 165 R 15 Coker Classic Whitewalls.

Water Pump Fitted

Water Pump Fitted


Test-fitting the New Generator

Diff Ratios

Sorting the correct Diff Ratio to enable smooth Highway Cruising.The Old "Stump Puller" Ratio was just going to make it.

Just about there.

Lucas P700

Fitting Lucas P700's with Q4 Halogens.

Engine Bay Tidied uo. Bolts on the firewall refurbed and wating to be painted.

Hood still to be fitted. Leave the Radiator Chrome or Paint it Red ? Left it Chrome. It just looks better.

It's a lot "Whiter" than the pictures show.

First Run 1

Test Run for the First Time in more than 60 Years.

That's a Dash !

The Moss dash did not fit. Factory error. It was cut to the wrong size. So a new dash backing was made up, burl walnut veneer applied, clear coated in automotive clear to produce a mirror, glass-like finish.

Original Steering Wheel as it was.

The new (original) wheel. Machined in a knotted root wood, tinted to suit the walnut dash and clear cloated in automotive clear again. Centre hub & spokes are original and only needed to be be polished.

Just a final touch-up to cover a hole drilled in the guard for a rear reflector or brake light (?).

On the Road Again, not quite, but a test run in the Carpark.

Done and Now On the Run.

Pete & Brett - The men behind the restoration at JH Classic Car Restorations.

Finished, but still in the garage at JH Classic Car Restorations.

Top up with 98 Octane. Wet weather or not, we're on our way to the 2019 MG National Meeting in Redland Bay.

On show at the 2019 Festival of Elegance on the Gold Coast - Water Wheels & Wings.

and the Grand Concourse of Elegance Winner is ........ My '53 MG TD.

Day 2 on the road at The Mount Cotton Hill Climb.

Long, sleek and shiny chrome.

Chance meeting with a Gypsy Moth at the Southport Flying Club.

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