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MG B - Data Sheet & Specifications* - Page 1 Go To Page 1 2 3
Type designation

M.G. MGB Tourer


*Please note that the specifications in this section relate to the MGB upon its introduction. Production modifications are listed seperately.



Abingdon, England, 1962 - 1980



Cast iron block and head, pressed steel sump. 4 cylinders in-line. overhead valve, camshaft in block.

Capacity 1789cc. Bore & stroke 80.26 x 88.9mm.

Maximum power 92bhp (net) @ 5,400rpm.

Maximum torgue 110lb.ft @ 3,000rpm.

2 SU HS4 1 1/2 in. single jet with Cooper paper element air filters.



Rear-wheel drive from front mounted engine.

4 speed gearbox bolted to the rear engine plate. Synchromesh available on top 3 gears until October 1967, and on all forward gears thereafter.

Overall gear ratios (1962) 1st 14.21; 2nd 8.66; 3rd 5.37; 4th 3.9 optional overdrive (from January 1963) 3.14.

Rear axle of the three-quarter floating type, incorporating a hypoid final drive on early Tourers. Later Tourers and G.T.'s, axle of the tubed semi-floating type.



Main structural components: large section three-element side members (sills) and double bulkhead into which torsional loadings are fed via 18 gauge inner wing panels.

Wheelbase: 7ft.7ins.



Front: 4ft.1in. Rear: 4ft. 1.25ins.



Front: Independent, coil springs. Rear: Half-elliptic leaf springs.



Rack and pinion, 3 turns lock-to-lock.



Front: Lockheed, discs, 10.75in dia. Rear: Lockheed, drums, 10in dia.


Wheels and tyres
Ventilated pressed steel disc, 4 studs, 4in. width. (Optiona wire wheels), 5.60 x 14in. tyres with tubes.

2-door, 2-seater convertible or fixed-head with very occasional rear seats. Unitary construction of pressed steel 20 gauge outer panels and aluminium bonnet. Pressed on British-made American-designed Hamilton, Toledo and Danby presses at British Motor Holdings Group's Pressed Steel Fisher Company's factory at Swindon, Wiltshire, England.

GT body assembled at Swindon but Tourer assembled at Pressed Steel Fisher, Coventry. Body panels joined by spot welding.

Dimensions: Overall length 12ft. 9ins, overall width 4ft. 11.9ins, overall height 4ft 1.4ins, ground clearance 5ins., turning circle 31ft, kerb weight 18.1cwt, weight distribution (dry) 54% front / 46% rear.


Electrical System

12 volt 58 amo.hr. (twin x 6 volt batteries mounted under rear "scuttle"), Positive earth Lucas dynamo with Lucas RB340-type voltage regulator.

Lucas coil ignition and wiring harness made up to standard Lucas colour coding scheme. Headlamp, Lucas sealed-filament 50-40 watts.



Maximum speed, 106mph.

Speed in gears, (approx):

  • 3rd gear 90mph,
  • 2nd gear 55mph,
  • 1st gear 30mph.

Acceleration, 0-60: 12.2 sec.

Standing 1/4 mile: 18.7 sec.

Acceleration in gears:

  • Top: 20-40mph, 9.0 sec. 50-70mph, 10.0 sec.
  • Third: 20-40mpg, 5.6 sec. 50-70mph, 7.7 sec.

Fuel consumption: 21 to 29mpg.


Identifying your MG

The Chassis Number (or Car Number) is stamped on a plate which is held on the left-hand wing balance just ahead of the radiator.

The engine number is stamped on a plate found on the right-hand side of the cylinder block.

The Chassis Number, or Car Number, consists of a code which presents the following information:

  • 1st Numeral indicated make (G = MG)
  • 2nd Numeral indicates engine type (H = "B"-series engine
  • 3rd Numeral indicates body type (N = 2 seater tourer; D = GT)
  • 4th Numeral indicates series (1 and 2 = MGA; 3 = 1st series MGB; 4 = 2nd series, 5 = 3rd series. No series changes made after October 1979)
  • 5th Numeral indicates market destination (L = LHD; U = USA)
  • 6th Numeral indicates model year from 1970 (A = 1970; B = 1971; C = 1972 and so on).

Thus: G-HN3 = MG; fitted with "B"-series engine; Tourer; 1st Series MGB. (Also, UK market because no L or U after number),

And: G-HD5UE = MG; fitted with "b"-series engine; GT; 3rd Series MGB; USA; 1974.

There is some confusion over the generic terms "MkI", "MkII", "MkIII" and so on. No cars were originally referred to as MkI - first cars were designated "3rd series" as successors to 1st and 2nd series MGAs and in any case this designation only came into colloquial use when there was a MkII (oficially, 4th series) to replace it.

All cars after October 1969 were known as 5th-series and are known colloquially as "MkIII". However, subsequent production changes have prompted unofficial "MkIV" and "MkV" labels to be applied, but the usage of these designations is less than unanimous and so cannot sensibly be applied here.



* Data specifications: Guide to purchase & D.I.Y. restoration of the MGB. Author: Lindsay Porter. Published 1982 by Haynes Publishing Group. Sparkford. Yeovil. Somerset BA22 7jj. England.

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