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About Us:

As a car enthusiast and owner of a number of classic vehicles over the years, including 5 MGB’s & a '53 TD that I currently own, I’ve faced a number of situations where I’ve thought “there has to be a better way”.

We’ve all done it at some stage: We have all vowed to put our “better ways” into practice, but for whatever reason, have just not made it happen.

www.mgtraders.com.au is our effort to make those “better ways” happen and make things a little easier for the car enthusiast:

  • As a promotional launch of the site, we will advertise any Club Member's car free until sold, or for a period of 1 month. Details of the special offer are on the site in the Advertise Here page.
  • We also have arrangements with suppliers to source genuine, quality parts at discounted prices (not cheap substitutes) for various makes and models (not just MG’s and British makes). Suppliers range from Repco and Autobarn to Moss Motors (US & UK) and local business’s specialising in change-over parts.
  • We can source parts from the U.S. or UK at special rates via bulk-purchase discounts that make it more affordable than trying to import single items on their own. As an example, American-made Stainless Steel spoked wire wheels direct from the Manufacturer, Dayton Wire Wheels or Alloy Cross-Flow heads for various makes and models direct from the manufacturere are now an affordable option on this site.
  • We cater for special interests in motoring collectables like Car Club Badges, Heritage Number Plates, and memorabilia (including an unopened slab of beer commemorating the Inaugural 1986 Adelaide Grand Prix !).
  • We offer Clubs the ability to post notices of upcoming events on our Bulletin Board: An ideal marketing tool to increase the publicity and awareness of your Club's efforts.
  • Visitors to the site can post queries on our Forum Page………………a feature where advise can be sought from others when you can’t find the answers yourself.
  • Members are encouraged to post pictures of their own cars in our Gallery Page to show the world their passion

There are many more features and benefits that will be added, including safe, secure, video monitored storage for cars; a growing lists of clubs and links to club sites; recommendations from members with regard to mechanical services and body works (a good / cheap panel beater is hard to find), etc. as the site develops.

It is not my intention to compete with sites like Carsales, etc., but more to create a site of interest for people that love their cars, want an honest deal and want to share their passion with others.

We’ve all wanted to do this. The idea has crossed our minds at one time or another.

Now MG Traders is giving it its best shot at making it happen. There are no gimmicks. The offers are genuine. You can support our efforts with this site by adding www.mgtraders.com.au as a link on your site and also by forwarding this offer to your Club Members or friends.

To add the MG Traders banner as shown below, cut and paste the following code (white) onto your links page:

 Sports & Classic Car sales, Memorabillia & Collectables

MG Traders Pty Ltd

Sports & Classic Car Sales

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Copy & Paste the html code below to add us as a link on your site:

<table width="155" border="1">
<td width="145"><p align="center">&nbsp;<a href="https://www.mgtraders.com.au" target="_blank"><img src="MG Logo.jpg" alt="Sports & Classic Car sales, Memorabillia & Collectables" width="40" height="43" border="0" title="Advertise Here Free"> </a></p>
<p align="center"><span class="style39"><a href="https://www.mgtraders.com.au" target="_blank" class="style39">MG Traders Pty Ltd</a></span></p>
<p align="center"><a href="https://www.mgtraders.com.au" target="_blank" class="style39">Sports &amp; Classic Car Sales</a></p>
<p align="center" class="style39"><a href="https://www.mgtraders.com.au" target="_blank" class="style39"> Collectable Car Club Badges &amp; Memorabilia</a></p>
<p align="center" class="style39">Private sellers: Advertise here <em><strong>Free</strong></em></p></td>

Your efforts would be very much appreciated.



*Mg Traders is not a Licensed Motor Car Dealer and as such takes no responsibility for statements or claims made by sellers on this site.

*Mg Traders acts as a facilitator between buyer and seller.

*Free ads are placed to encourage traffic to this site. There are absolutely no charges for buyers or sellers.

* Paid ads are charged only as a means of partially compensating for the time and effort spent in the development and administration of this site.

*This site is built and hosted at the owners expense as a hobby, but also with a possible view towards developing the concept into a business in the future.

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