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1972 MG B BL

'72 MG
'72 MG 2
'72 MG 3
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This is a classic example of a "3 Wiper Blade" US model. Originally a Canadian Car, the vehicle is totally rust free and is back on the road after being in storage for 7 years.

This is a genuine Wolf in sheep's clothing: Looks totally standard............but...............capable of 140 BHP at the wheels ! (It's a work in progress and I will confirm exact dyno readings)

* Fully rebuilt 18V, 5 bearing High Compression, 1800 engine. Just run-in.

* MSX Cross Flow Alloy Head, ported & Polished to match the inlet manifold and Weber's by Peter Burgess (UK). This is a brand new unit.

* Fully rebuilt Overdrive Gearbox - Still to be run-in

* 2 x Twin 45 mm Weber's fitted with Webcon spun alloy air horns. These are new too.

* A new Pearce "Fast Road" Cam

* New 1.5:1 Hi-lift Roller Rockers

* 3" free flow exhaust system with chromed extractors, running into a 4" cannon (not loud until you need the power)

* New 10 Row Oil Cooler and New Oil Cooler Hoses

* Original Japanese manufactured Panasport (Road Use) Racing Wheels. These are extremely rare and not to be confused with the more common Mini Lite Wheels or current replica wheels on the market. They have been fully restored at a cost of over $1,000..........and worth every cent !

* New Goodyear 185 x 75 Tyres fitted to the Panasport Wheels

* The original RO-Style wheels are included with a good set of Michelin Tyres (if you want to save the Panasport for show)

* New Brake Master and Slave Cylinders with new rubber Brake Hoses on Front & Rear & new Brake lines

* New Clutch Master & Slave Cylinders with new rubber hoses & new Hydraulic Clutch Lines

* New cloth-braided full wiring loom installed

* Momo 12" wood steering wheel

* Fully removable soft top - Pull-out and fold the hood frame. Soft top and frame stores in the boot.

I'm selling the car because of a lack of space. My original plan was to convert the car to a Sebring-style model with no front or rear bumper bars ( I have the rear moulded Sebring apron that gives the car a "Clean" bumper-free finish). I also have a set of chrome spats to fit the sills on each side..........the ultimate look that would make the car unique !

The car was originally Gold, but has been repainted in Red. For the most part, the paint is still perfect, except for a Workshop scratch on the drivers side door and rear quarter panel.............Fairly minor, but just have not had the time to fix it.


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